Do you dread mealtime because you're not sure what's safe to eat? Does it feel like just about everything is a trigger, even though your diet is already pretty clean.

When I started taking this stuff seriously, I drove my poor wife nuts with my "can eat, can't eat" flip-flopping. Foods that seemed fine one day and gave me fits the next. Super confusing, right?

That's why I've put together this easy-to-use reflux food journal that can be a game-changer for figuring out your triggers. In it, you'll find:

  • Daily prompts to pinpoint your food triggers.
  • Quick tips on universal no-no's you might be overlooking.
  • Hidden culprits giving you false negatives
  • A cheat sheet for spotting and rating trigger symptoms

Ready to make mealtime more enjoyable?

Get my reflux food journal and finally get some clarity on the foods that are giving you trouble